Work Package 5

Leader : Cineca

WP5 is the core WP among the technical ones as it will be responsible for presenting and providing all the services and functionalities foreseen in the functional and system requirements.

The first objective is related with the design and set up of I-Media-Cities portal, composed by the public central website for end-users, by the Back Office website for researchers for A/V analysis.

In the public and private portals, several visual interfaces will be designed and set up in order to provide researchers and citizens with advanced, interactive and innovative visualization solutions displaying the digital content in different ways depending on the choices of the users (e.g. on the map of a city, on a timeline, or on a ‘timelined map’ that changes with the periods).

This visual framework will allow the definition of dynamic collections of A/V contents. They will be used and integrated in the portal itself and in external websites. Some applications could be, for example, the publication of City collections, historical events or any other prospective of content aggregation.

The dynamic collections create new ways of browsing through the content of the different research areas that will be defined in WP2.