Work Package 2

Leader : Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique

WP2 is the first and most important step in the definition of the required functionalities of the system and its services. Within this WP, all parameters and functionalities of the different e-environments and of the backoffice services supporting them will be discussed among all partners and defined. Beyond functionalities (which will be captured with use case descriptions), the WP will also collect the non-functional requirements, e.g. related to scalability. Workflows to ingest content, metadata and other data will also be defined, as well as internal processing and pre-processing of content and metadata to support the innovative visualization and planned access services.

The high-level description of the system’s functionalities and business requirements, accompanied by precise definitions of workflows will constitute the solid bases on which all the following WPs will be based.

Because of the complexity of providing services to different categories of users and different business model scenarios, a specific, parallel Task is dedicated to detailing “business requirements”, in other words services and functionalities that will tie in directly to sustainability scenarios.