I-Media-Cities is a research collaboration between


European audiovisual archives
Research institutions
Technological providers
Specialist in digital business models

I-Media-Cities is an ambitious and innovative research project that aims at providing access to historically unique digital films and photos of 9 European cities, inviting new approaches to multidisciplinary research on this content, while also stimulating business innovation and improving overall accessibility of European cultural heritage.

I-Media-Cities strives to be a cross-border, cross-language platform for the study of the history and urban development of large EU cities through large media collections previously not accessible, and the study of the history of media through the way they depicted urban spaces.

I-Media-Cities provides research opportunities and interactive experiences for the following target groups:

  • Audiovisual archives
  • Social science researchers
  • Educational community
  • Digital development companies
  • A/V production companies
  • General Public

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  • Access to large media collections
  • Advanced automatic analysis technologies
  • Easy-to-use and innovative tools
  • Interactive eco-system
  • Opportunity to enrich content (tag, contextualize and add information to films, screenshots and images)
  • Multilingual searches and information
  • Dynamic and interactive maps, timelines
  • Virtual exhibitions