I-Media-Cities Conference Brussels

March 27, 2019 at Cinematek Brussels, Rue Ravenstein 3, 1000 Brussels

Film archives and cultural heritage institutions across Europe are increasingly holding large and unique digital collections – either digitized or born digital – that can have a significant impact on many research fields, both in Social Sciences and Humanities. The digital platform I-Media-Cities has been created  to establish an efficient link between many of these content holding institutions and the research field, in order to stimulate a true bi-directional dialogue. By focusing on films and photographs that depict 9 major European cities throughout the 20th century, I-Media-Cities also highlights the growing research interest in the relationship between the urban landscape and the moving image.

This conference not only wants to showcase some of the most interesting voices currently researching audiovisual content and the urban representations in cultural heritage films and photographs. It also provides film archives with an opportunity to express both the value of collaborating with research institutions, as well as the difficulties that still exist when providing access to cultural heritage films through digital platforms.  As the platform also incorporates some newly developed machine learning technologies, a section of the program is dedicated to some groundbreaking new technological research that has been done, and the impact it can have on both the field of research and film archives.  

Entry is free, but registration is required via info@cinematek.be

Please consult the Conference Agenda here