Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is applicable to any use of any part of the web services of I-Media-Cities.

Please read this Privacy Policy, the Terms of Use and the Disclaimer carefully, before starting to use any of the I-Media-Cities web services.


The I-Media-Cities Consortium considers the privacy of and dealing with personal data of the users of our web services as extremely important. Personal data are carefully and respectfully collected, processed and stored, in accordance with all applicable national, European and international laws.

Processing Personal Data

The I-Media-Cities Consortium processes personal data of every user who registers an account on the website or provides a contribution or comment to any part of our web services. In order to be able to provide a contribution or comment, a user is required to at least register a user name and an email address.

If you register an account or subscribe to a newsletter at I-Media-Cities, you are able to provide the platform with added information, such as age, gender and profession. It is your decision and responsibility which added information you provide to the I-Media-Cities web service.

Some or all of your activities on any of the I-Media-Cities web services will be added to your personal workspace.

Profiles, except your email address, can be viewed publically. Your contributions and your comments are shared with other users on the I-Media-Cities web services. Your comments and contributions can also be shared on third party sites and web solutions, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Because of the general functionalities of the internet, public contributions will be registered by websites such as Google.

Purpose of Processing Personal Data

The I-Media-Cities Consortium collects and processes your data in order to optimize, adjust, enhance and develop our web services and their usability.

The I-Media-Cities Consortium can also use your data to offer and suggest relevant information.

Other than the way it was written in the Privacy Policy and restricted to the rules and regulations of all applicable laws, I-Media-Cities will not make any of your personal data public, unless: (a) it is obligated to on the grounds of law, regulations, orders of conduct or ordered to by a court ruling; (b) it is necessary for the sake of security reasons; and/or (c) the I-Media-Cities Consortium has a reasonable suspicion the relevant user is part of any illegal activities.


Every time a user visits the website, that visit will be registered by means of so-called ‘cookies’. Cookies are small files that are stored on the user’s hard drive, which allow the I-Media-Cities Consortium to access information about the use of their website and which allows for preferences, user names and passwords to be automatically remembered.  This information can also be analyzed to discover trends and draw statistics relating to such things as the parts of the website that are most visited, average time of a visit, etc.  In order to do this, I-Media-Cities will use Google Analytics (on which the privacy policy of Google applies)

The information that is collected through cookies can only be coupled to a computer and not to a specific user. It will therefore not allow the I-Media-Cities Consortium to derive any conformation that reveals the identity of a user. You have the ability to format your browser in such a way that cookies are refused. By doing this, it is possible that the website will no longer function optimally.

Safety of Personal Data

The I-Media-Cities Consortium will take every organizational and technical measure deemed reasonable to make sure your personal data are safe, correct and up-to-date.  The I-Media-Cities Consortium will safely store your personal data and take all necessary measures to protect them from loss, abuse, illegal access and publication. The Consortium, however, cannot guarantee that personal data transferred over the internet are always 100% protected.

The I-Media-Cities Consortium will take reasonable measures to remove personal data or make them anonymous, as soon as they no longer need to be stored.

Access to and Correction of Personal Data

At any given time, you are able to send the I-Media-Cities Consortium a request to receive all personal data they have stored of you. The I-Media-Cities Consortium will make sure that the requested information is send to you within four weeks of them receiving your request.

If you would like to change or correct your own personal data, you can submit a request to do so via The I-Media-Cities Consortium will reply within four weeks of them receiving your request whether and to what extent your request will be fulfilled.