Terms of Use

These terms of use are applicable to any use of any part of the web services of I-Media-Cities.

Please read these Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and the Disclaimer carefully, before starting to use any of the I-Media-Cities web services.


Welcome to I-Media-Cities. These are the general terms and conditions on which we supply all our services. If you use our services, you agree to abide by these terms.

At I-Media-Cities we supply a lot of different services. Some of them will have specific terms tailored for them. If that is the case, I-Media-Cities’ contract with you for that service will be on these terms, supplemented by any terms specific to the service. In the case of any conflict, service specific terms will take precedence.

We process personal data in accordance with the Open access to research data policy of the European Union. As part of this agreement you consent to our doing so. You should read the policy carefully, especially if you have any concerns about your privacy.

Warning: unless we have agreed a particular level of service with you, we make absolutely no promises about the quality or existence of any of our services. Please read the sections below and our general exclusion of liability.

All use of our web services are subject to our terms for web users. There are further terms if you have signed up for an account with one of our services. At the end some general terms and definitions are added.

  • Terms of Use for our web services

Web services include any of our websites.

A.   What you agree to

You agree not to use our websites to do any of the following:

  • Anything which is illegal either where you are in the world, or where we are.
  • Please refrain from the use of any inappropriate or hurtful language. I-Media-Cities in no way condones racism or any other form of prejudice. Please remember that anything you write on the internet can and will be found and read by several different people. I-Media-Cities will remove any hurtful or inappropriate comments and contributions and might deny offenders access to any part of their web services.
  • Try to remember that not everyone has the same opinion as you might have. Not everybody considers history in the same way. If something is not clear, always ask for clarification first.
  • Cause nuisance to other users of our services
  • Interfere with the normal running of our services
  • Try to access our systems in a way other than those advertised by us and, in particular, to use a web crawler that does not respect the robots exclusion policy.
  • I-Media-Cities retains the right to judge, edit or remove any contribution and comments from its users and visitors. If any of these contributions are considered to inappropriate by I-Media-Cities, they will be edited or removed without I-Media-Cities having to give formal notice of this change.
  • If you consider any of the contributions or comments on any of the web services of I-Media-Cities to be inappropriate or hurtful, please don’t hesitate to contact us via I-Media-Cities@cinematek.be.
  • I-Media-Cities wants to hear from you. Please submit all your questions, comments and or recommendations via I-Media-Cities@cinematek.be.

B.      Inappropriate use of the I-Media-Cities web services


  • It is not permitted to use any information on our web services to extract and collect any user’s personal data or any other kind of user information.
  • Without our express consent, it is not permitted to use any part of our web services to contact any of our users with commercial or other types of messages and comments.
  • It is not permitted to use any part of any of our web services to distribute any messages of a commercial or idealistic nature. It is a given that this is also not permitted by distributing them as a contribution or comment.

C.      Other websites

Some of our activities are carried out on web platforms provided by third parties. If you make use of any service where that is the case, you are responsible for complying with any terms of service of the third party platform.

The web services of I-Media-Cities might contain hyperlinks to third party websites. I-Media-Cities has no claims nor control over these third party websites and the user has to comply to any and all terms of service applicable to this third party platform. I-media-Cities cannot be held accountable or liable for any damages that might derive from the use of these third party websites and platforms.

D.   Our content

Unless otherwise stated all our services are offered under open content or data licenses and you should refer to the provisions of the license in question to find out what you are allowed to do. Some of our content belongs to third parties. Most third party data is subject to an open license, but we cannot guarantee it. You should refer to the third party if you are in doubt. You are obliged to always mention I-Media-Cities when referencing any part of us under license and are asked to even provide a link to the correct part of our web services. All parts of the brand, the trademarks and the logos of I-Media-Cities are protected under copyright law and can in no way be licensed or reused by unauthorized parties.

E.    Ownership does not change

As a general rule, this agreement will not change the ownership of any intellectual property belonging to either party. Where your content is used by us or vice versa both you and we would do so under a license (see above).

F.       Liability

Indemnities where you may owe us

If you breach any of your obligations under this agreement and, as a result, cause us to be sued by anyone else, you will have to compensate us for any loss we have suffered as a result, which includes any costs, such as paying lawyers, or for our own time, we incur defending a claim as well as any damages awarded. If your breach causes you to be sued by someone else, you will not sue us for any loss you suffer as a result.

Unless clearly expressed otherwise, all contributions by any of our users and visitors on any of our web services are the responsibility of our users and visitors. In other words, no rights or claims towards I-Media-Cities can be attributed to any of contribution or comment made by users or visitors on our web services.  I-Media-Cities cannot be held accountable for any damages that might occur as a result of any contributions or comments any user has provided to any part of the I-Media-Cities web services.

Exclusion what we do not owe you

We limit our liability in several different ways – all of which we believe to be fair. In case any one of them is found to be unenforceable by a court, each of the following limitations of liability is separate and our liability to you is limited by all of them.

  • All exclusions of liability are only in so far as we are allowed to do so by whatever law applies to the situation.
  • We will not be liable for any damage that was not reasonably foreseeable at the time we made this agreement.
  • We are not liable for any loss which is indirect or consequential. This includes any loss of business or profit.
  • We exclude, in so far as we are allowed, any warranties that would be implied by law.

4)      General conditions

This agreement

We may update these terms and conditions at any time. If we do so, we will announce the change via our social media and main site (www.imediacities.eu). Any changes will be binding on you from the moment we announce them. All terms, policies and rules applying to I-media-Cities will always be accessible and available on a dedicated part of the website.

This agreement is made under the laws of Belgium.

I-Media-Cities will always try to solve any problems and differences of opinion amicably and through communication. If all else fails, these differences will be referred to a court of law in Belgium.


These final “boilerplate” terms should go without saying, but we are saying them anyway just to be clear.

  • If any part of this agreement is ineffective (for example because it is unlawful) then the rest of the agreement should be read without it.
  • This agreement is between you and us and is not intended to give anyone else any rights.
  • We may sometimes fail to enforce our rights under this agreement (for example because we decide not to, or we did not realize you were in breach of contract). Just because we have not enforced any of our rights, does not stop us from doing so in the future.
  • Neither party is liable for anything which is beyond their reasonable control.
  • If for some reason beyond I-Media-Cities’ reasonable control, we are unable to or it would not be commercially viable for us to continue to supply any of our services, we may cease to supply that service, ending any agreement between us for its supply. If we do so, we will return to you a fair proportion of any sum you might have paid us in advance for the supply of that service, taking into account the service we have already supplied to you.

Further Information

I-Media-Cities and any of its web services are copyright protected and controlled by the I-Media-Cities Consortium. Any comments, questions and complaints can, at all times, be directed to the address and telephone numbers below.

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